About us

We aim to give Khmers connected with the sites we visit a reason to value their natural heritage and assist in its conservation. It is our vision to use the adventures we run and the revenue generated to leave a little bit of the world as beautiful as we found it.


Nick at Banteay ThomI always had a desire to explore the countryside and discover its secrets. I never dreamt what would unfold when I came to Cambodia and found the adventure centre of the world. A passion for the forests, lakes and plains and the wildlife and people who live there gave me a commitment to conservation and a love for the country. The architecture and its quirkiness, the cosmopolitan old cities with their faded French colonial shophouses and villas. The stilted wooden Khmer houses and OTT pagodas have conspired to keep me here.



“I love to share my experience about conservation and show our guests the birds and forests we visit on our adventures. I want to help the local people in the countryside get a better life and understand the value of their environment.” – Buntha the Cambodian half of Indochine-ex has spent most of his working life on and around the Tonle Sap Lake and the floating villages near the Prek Toal Core Bird Reserve. It was his task to get together the poorest women in the village and teach them how to weave the water weeds into handicrafts, which is now a sustainable and successful business.



I grew up in the countryside around Angkor with 11 brothers and sisters. As the eldest it was my job to look after the family in whatever way I could. Taking guests on adventures, walking and cycling through the forests and kayaking on the lake doing exercise and telling people about what it’s like to live in the countryside makes me happy. Learning about the lives of people from other countries makes me interested in the rest of the world and helps me with my studies.