Kayaking Adventures on The Tonle Sap Lake

Visit a Stilted Village
Discovery Adventure

Adventure level:


Half day kayaking adventures are an exciting alternative to the temples even for families with young children and a lovely way to explore the unique environment of the Tonle Sap Great Lake at a gentle pace.

Experience a Very Different Lifestyle

See how the village has adapted to the 8m rise and fall of the lake

Explore the village by kayak

Paddle across the flooded countryside

Lunch on the balcony of a stilted house


5 – 7 hour trips to fishing villages approx. 1 hour from Siem Reap, motorboat supported so paddling time up to guest, lunch on verandah of stilted house or refreshments on board motorboat at edge of lake, suitable for young children. Options for candle lit dinners and BBQ’s.

Mice Tourism Cambodia

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