My Holiday

Land of a Thousand Hills – or was it lakes Drinking Tusker overlooking the valleys of Kigali City shrouded in wisps of dissipating cloud, the city appeared bottle green after flying across the brown plains of Africa. The Virunga Volcanoes The Embraer to Kigali was early but nobody was quite sure where to find it, […]

An Angkorian Paddle

An Angkorian Paddle Background The rise and fall of the Angkorian Empire, which lasted 500 years from the 9th to 14th century, was centered in what is now Siem Reap Province, around its greatest monument Angkor Wat. A population of a million in an area of 1000 km2 serviced the empire and built the religious […]

A BeTreed Adventure

A BeTreed Adventure Waived away by the staff, who’ve sort of got used to my bizarre behavior. Legs aside my trusted steed. In this case a new 125cc Honda Dream. Gloves, scarf, helmet, a hat in the front basket and most importantly an incredibly complicated set of directions to get there, I set off for […]

Prek Toal by way of Phnom Kraum

Prek Toal by Way of Phnom Kraum All adventures start with The Little Red Fox Coffee Shop and the morning crew; Jady this time with temple water management people and Darryl the Angkorian historian. Feathercraft on top of Dy’s electric blue Highlander. Our Solar kayaks, Lors, Bunthy, Visoth and me inside. Another latte then pick […]

The North West Passage

THE NORTH WEST PASSAGE Our mission to boldly go where no kayak had ever been before. As an avid reader of the Indochine Exploration Blogs you will be aware of my sexual fantasies around water management in Angkor. I am not alone and discovered over a latte at Little Red Fox another closet water fetishist […]