Our Friends

The hotel GMs, the restaurant and bar owners, the trendy shop proprietors and even the famous Battambang Circus founders are our friends. We’ve had eleven years to work out the best way to get round the country. Where are the most beautiful landscapes, the most spectacular settings, the most mythical glimpses of Angkor and the coolest culture in a reborn and vibrant country?


Let us be your partner when you visit Cambodia.

Hotel Partner

A chic retreat in the cultural heart of Cambodia




Entertainment Partner

Phare Circus: Amazing vibe and energy, transforming the lives of Cambodian youth!

The Little Red Fox

Cafe Partner

“If you’re like us and your always trying and seek a tour or adventure that is away from the typical tourists traps ‘Indochine Exploration’ is the team for you. Trust us, you will have an experience like no other!”

Cuisine Wat Damnak: Restaurant Partner

“Indochine Exploration brings people a step further than any other tours in order to discover Cambodia, its countryside and its nature. It is a philosophy that we, at Cuisine Wat Damnak, respect and believe we share.”

Biodervisity Partner

A Kingdom of Cambodia and Goetz Project.

BeTreed Logo

Environment Partner


Indochine was the French name for the forested regions between India and China. The largest herds of deer and wild cattle outside Africa roamed with tigers and leopards in hot pursuit and elephants migrating with the rain.

The dripping jungle was home to exotic hornbills, all manner of monkeys, of course snakes….

And hidden deep in the forest was the remnants of one of the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen, the Angkorian Empire.

This heady mix creates an intoxicating tale of romanticism, mystery, excitement, danger and the exotic that begs exploration.

This is the essence of Indochine Exploration Adventures.

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