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"A holiday is the means to an adventure"

We’ve got you covered from when you set foot in Cambodia on the airport apron to when you leave again. We’ll whisk you through immigration to your Indochine Exploration host for the holiday.

There are many hotels in Siem Reap ranging from uber-exclusive to simply comfortable. We prefer those that give a sense of place, whichever you choose its a short ride from the airport.

The Temples of Angkor, The Tonle Sap Lake, The Kulen Hills, and the Cambodian Countryside, and adventure beckons. But if you need a bit of R&R there’s a lot to do in Siem Reap, the rest of Cambodia for that matter.

Restaurants & Galleries, coffee shops and cocktail bars, local markets & pagodas, we’d be happy to organize a Siem Reap Stroll finishing at one of our favourite restaurants for lunch. Or more focused look at Cambodia’s contemporary art scene through the galleries and exhibitions on show.


Whether a light kayak, an adventurous mountain bike ride, or a gutsy hike, we have the adventure level for you. Look out for the symbols as you browse adventures.

kayak cambodia


1/2 day kayaking adventures are an exciting alternative to the temples even for families with young children and a lovely way to explore the unique environment of the Tonle Sap Great Lake at a gentle pace.


This covers most of our trips, which are suitable for children over 12 who enjoy hiking and cycling in the countryside and are up for a longer day kayaking on the lake.

cambodia hike


Thrilling mountain bike rides, hikes and some of the kayaking trips featured in the Blogs, which require experience and endurance.

Get Your Bearings

Jungle villages, the great lake, sacred mountains and ancient ruins. These are the settings for Indochine-ex Adventures.

From Cambodia's Beating Heart...

Cambodia (about the size of the UK), in the centre of Indochina, is separated from it’s neighbours Thailand, Laos and Vietnam by mountains and sea. The country is bisected by the mighty Mekong River, which feeds the huge Tonle Sap Great Lake. Like the pulse of a beating heart, water from the Mekong surges into the lake bringing water, fish and life to the countryside.

...Through Forested Temple Cities...

It is no accident that the temples of Angkor are situated on the Northern edge of this vast lake in the 400 kilometre-squared Angkor Park. The forested temple cities of Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm lie within the Angkor Park. Siem Reap, the town closest to Angkor was once a sleepy village beside a river. It is now a bustling tourist town serving millions of visitors who come to see these great wonders of the world.

...And Into Surrounding Countryside

The surrounding countryside offers rice paddy fields, towering palm trees and stilted wooden villages. The open expanse of the Tonle Sap Lake and the ribbon of flooded forest and fishing villages round its edges. The mysterious Kulen Hills, the birthplace of the Angkorian Empire harbours ancient statues and lost temples hidden in the jungle.


The Blog

A few of Nick and The Team’s adventures.

Prek Toal the Hard Way

Prek Toal The Hard Way (by kayak) The current was flooding up the channel and a Southerly headwind was blowing as we set off from the boat station at Maichrey. Clouds grew dark then faded or pulled down by the weight of the moist air they released heavy drops of rain,...

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Countryside Exploration Cycles

Countryside Exploration Cycle The Siem Reap countryside is changing all the time as the town spreads but its not long before the hard road becomes a track and the houses are raised on stilts. Lors and Taylor cycling one of our mountain bike routes around Siem Reap A...

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Prek Toal on finfoot

Prek Toal on finfoot The incredibly rare milky adjutant lived in Prek Toal and it was my mission to save it even before I got to Cambodia and realized there isn’t a milky adjutant it’s a Milky Stork and a Greater Adjutant. Undeterred enthusiasm intact, Prek Toal was...

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INDOCHINEEX & Smiling Albino

INDOCHINEEX & Smiling Albino


Indochineex is delighted to partner with Smiling Albino in Cambodia. As partners we offer the exhilarating adventures that Indochineex is renowned for together with the exemplary service synonymous with Smiling Albino.

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