All our trips are tailored to suit our guests.


A gentle hike through the Siem Reap countryside gives an introductionto the way most Cambodians live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Aswell as great exercise in stunning countryside

Phnom Bok Hike

★ gentle hike through Khmer stilted villages ★ hilltop temple & hidden ruins ★ clues to Angkorian hydrology ★ 400 km2 of forest bisected by cycle paths ★ temple pools, moats and reservoirs

Kulen Discovery Trail and Expeditions

★ birthplace of the Angkorian Empire ★ silver langur jungle trails through stunning forest ★ 10th century animal carvings ★ rocky riverbank picnic & swim ★ exciting mountain bike rides ★ camping expeditions to remote parts of the park.

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