All our trips are tailored to suit our guests.


A few of our kayaking adventures are featured below but please tell us what you’d like to see, how long you’d like to kayak for even what you’d like for lunch and we’ll put together a trip for you.

Explore options below.

Floating Village

★ paddle between the floating houses and back streets of the village  ★ kayak with the houses as they are towed out to the lake ★ explore the flooded countryside and hilltop pagoda ★ see floating schools, gardens, crocodile cages, pig pens, etc.

Prek Toal

★ Explosion of birdlife ★ serene seasonally flooded forests  ★ floating village kayak exploration ★ introduction to village family ★ cultural &environmental adaptations to unique hydrology of Tonle Sap Lake.


Stilted Village

★ Experience a very different lifestyle ★ see how the village has adapted to the 8m rise and fall of the lake ★ explore the village by kayak ★ paddle across the flooded countryside ★ lunch on the balcony of a stilted house.

Secret Lake

★ a million miles from the tourist trails of Siem Reap just 20 minutes by car  ★ a snapshot of rural Khmer life ★ the mysteries of Angkor in a hidden temple ★ ancient reservoir with clues to Angkorian hydrology ★ sunset views of the Kulen Hills & The Tonle Sap Lake.

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