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Customer Contract

Indochine-ex Adventures in Cambodia Contract with Guests

Indochine-ex is a small enterprise and every trip for us is important so we will do all we can to arrange our adventures for guests at short notice but to ensure a booking may we suggest the following guidelines;

Half-day Adventures
Bookings should be made by 12 noon the previous day and we have a 9pm cut off the night before.

Full-day Trips
Bookings should be made 24 hours in advance or by 9am the previous day latest.

Overnight Camping Expeditions and Battambang Overnight Adventure
Bookings should be made 72 hours in advance (Battambang subject to hotel availability).

South of Cambodia Journey
Bookings should be made a minimum of 2 weeks in advance and will be dependant on hotel availability so for peak season we recommend booking at least 3 months in advance.

Payment Methods
Written bookings confirmed by email will be taken as a commitment to our
contract such that we trust our guests to pay in a major currency if possible US dollars, when we meet. If the booking involves multiple trips or hotel reservations requiring advance payment by Indochine-ex we will ask for bank transfer to a UK or Cambodian account at least 30 days in advance.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy
Short term bookings made less than 1 week prior to the trip are liable to a 50% fee for cancellations made less than 12 hours before the trip and 100% less than 6 hours before the trip. Cancellation cannot be accepted after 9pm for trips the following morning, a 100% fee will be due.

Confirmed Advance Bookings
For bookings made more than than 1 week in advance of the trip a 50% fee is liable for cancellations of less than 1 week in advance rising to 100% less than 24 hours in advance.1 week in advance of the trip half and full day trips and overnight camping expeditions

For overnight trips involving hotel bookings payment should be made in full at least 30 days from the start of the trip. In the case of cancellation 100% of the hotel cost maybe charged and 50% of Indochine-ex adventure costs up to 1 week in advance after which the trip is non refundable.

Booking Priority
Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis and if for any reason the trip is cancelled by Indochine-ex a full refund will be given.

It is a condition of Indochine-ex Adventures in Cambodia that all our guests are adequately covered by travel insurance for the duration of any trip they undertake with us. Insurance must cover personal accident and medical expenses and evacuation and repatriation.