The Temples of Angkor

Unique opportunities to see the Angkor temples with Indochine Ex
Gusty Adventure

Adventure level:


This covers most of our trips, which are suitable for children over 12 who enjoy hiking and cycling in the countryside.

a wonder of the world

one of the greatest civilisations

the largest religious structure

400 km2 of forest bisected by cycle paths

temple pools, moats and reservoirs

Understand how the city flourished for 500 years

Best explored by mountain bike on forest paths or take a Jeep, understand the hydrology that allowed the city to flourish for 500 years, avoid temple overload and learn the story of the Great King, picnic beside the King’s Pool, sunset views on the Angkor Thom moat with a cold beer or G&T.

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The Mobileiron Mekong Challenge

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